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Hi, I'm Louise Jackson


I am a passionate mom and developer of children and adults. The well-being of our children is my top focus. I partner with Carmel Clay Schools administrators and our parent/teacher organizations to improve the learning environment for our children. I have worked with educators at all levels from pre-K through college to educate, train and empower students for success in their career. I enjoy mentoring high school students and those early-in-career to assist them in developing their personal brand and navigating corporate America. I take pride in helping teams collaborate more effectively and would bring this experience to the Carmel Clay School Board.


I have 20+ years’ experience in process optimization and policy development. As a human resource professional and CEO of Talent Cabinet, it’s my job to listen to people’s stories and partner with them to ideate and create innovative solutions. I have devoted much of my life to bringing people together with opposing views and agendas. It’s my job to listen well and get to the heart of challenges in order to develop relevant strategies that work for both parties. My nature is to seek to understand. I am a “why” person that works tirelessly to make a positive impact after learning the background. I have a great deal of experience evaluating and implementing new technological solutions and the processes required to support it. My focus is devoted to equipping individuals and businesses with the knowledge required to uniquely position them for success and longevity. I have recruited talent for Fortune 500 companies and have implemented talent development, retention and diversity strategies within global companies of 90,000+ employees.



Seeing children and educators succeed and equipping them with the necessary tools remains my life-long commitment and is why I am running to serve the children, families and educators in Carmel Clay Schools.





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