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Our Carmel Clay Schools’ team is doing an amazing job educating our children with the highest standards of excellence. Our teachers and administration are working hard to adapt to an ever-changing environment. I will help keep our schools safe and support continued advancement in key areas by assisting our district in identifying opportunities to focus on innovation, achievement and community.


My experience leading novel programs in global organizations uniquely enables me to lead our school district in advancing its ability to be best-in-class in providing innovative educational programming that has a global focus and impact. Developing standards to ensure consistency and recognition of innovative educators across the district is top priority. 


My experience with leading talent development programs supports my commitment to helping Carmel lead the way in ensuring teachers feel supported so they continue to feel motivated to set our district up for success. I am passionate about partnering with our school board to enable our educators in creating meaningful, individualized plans for every student that meet their specific strengths, needs and goals, even in the midst of COVID! 


I am also committed to making sure every student feels safe, a sense of belonging and our families experience a culture of inclusion. Through leveraging my experience with creating inclusive organizational cultures I will help implement policies and programs that promote equity and inclusion. This approach to student and community support will help us meet our individual student needs, growth and development. I will partner with school board members to evolve hiring policies and strategies to attract educators that will support the school culture we seek for our children.




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